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1: Extracted Notifications Offer Valuable Insight for iOS Forensics
Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, a lightweight forensic tool for quickly accessing information extracted from local and cloud mobile backups, shows unread notifications extracted from device backups.

2: Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp Extracts WhatsApp Backups from iCloud
Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp, the all-in-one tool for extracting, decrypting and analyzing WhatsApp communication histories, is updated to the new 2.10 version, enabling decryption for WhatsApp iCloud Backups.

3: Elcomsoft Phone Breaker Offers Over-the-Air Windows 10 Acquisition
ElcomSoft breaks into Windows 10 devices, provides cloud acquisition solution. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker, the company's forensic extraction tool, gains the ability to extract information from Microsoft Windows 10 devices including Desktop and Mobile.

4: SAM Broadcaster, how good is it?
This is a question we are frequently asked and a question which many people are asking when looking for their own Internet radio solution. Well, we think it's great but you could accuse us of being a little biased and we would have to agree with you.

5: Restore Lost Partitions with Active@ Partition Recovery
Active@ Partition Recovery is a powerful utility for recovering lost or damaged hard drive partitions, regardless of their original file systems.

6: wolfSSL is Integrating Testing with the tlsfuzzer
The security of wolfSSL products is always on our mind and holds high importance. Conducting regular, diligent, and well-planned testing helps maintain wolfSSL's robustness and security.

7: How to Securely Wipe Private Data with Active@ KillDisk
If you're planning to donate or sell your computer or any other data-bearing device, you'll want to make sure that no one can retrieve your personal data from it. Active@ KillDisk provides the secure erasure facility you need.

8: Основные преимущества, которые дарит система стим создателям игр и пользователям
В среде приверженцев компьютерных игрушек и интерактивного досуга в сети большой популярностью пользуются продукты steam. Это всемирно известный сервис распространения компьютерных игр и программного обеспечения. Система выполняет функции службы активации интерактивной продукции, отвечает за процедуры загрузки игр через Интернет.

9: Наладка домашних компьютеров при помощи мастеров: особенности и преимущества
Домашний компьютер, как и всякая другая сложная техника, порою приходит в негодность. Секретами повреждения пк могут оказаться как обычный износ составляющих, так и отсутствие должного обслуживания, небрежное применение.

10: How to Recover Formatted Partitions and Deleted Files
Active@ UNDELETE offers a powerful solution for recovering deleted data or formatted partitions. The latest edition introduces many improvements to make data recovery easier and more reliable than ever before.

11: Create and Edit ISO Images with Active@ ISO Manager
Active@ ISO Manager provides a straightforward solution for creating, editing and burning ISO disc images either from existing optical discs or from an existing set of files and folders.

12: Open QuarkXPress 2017 in InDesign CS5-CC 2017 Mac/Win: Markzware Q2ID
Markzware Q2ID can open QuarkXPress 2017 in InDesign CS5-CC 2017 Mac/Win. Check out this article to get more information about QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign file conversion. .

13: Increase Your Internet Download Speed with System Mechanic
In this second article in the iolo Labs benchmark series, tests revealed that the internet optimization tool NetBooster® within System Mechanic® improved download speed on a variety of Windows® machines by an average of nearly 40%.

14: Reset Forgotten Windows Passwords with Active@ Password Changer
Whether you've forgotten your Windows administrator password or someone has deliberately changed it, there's still a good chance you can regain access by using Active@ Password Changer.

15: Burn Your ISO Images to Disc with Active@ ISO Burner 4
Active@ ISO Burner 4 is a user-friendly ISO burner that allows you to easily burn ISO images to optical discs. It greatly extends upon the native functionality of Windows to include automated burning, multi-device support and more.

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